Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Primer Course (6th Run)



With the rising trends of people around the world using cryptocurrency and the surge of its market capitalization, it is essential to understand and know how Cryptocurrency works and the underlying technology behind it - The Blockchain.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Primer Course provides an introduction and basic concepts of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency anyone should know. The course has been supported and approved by SkillsFuture Singapore & Workforce Singapore in terms of funding. This course will be delivered in two parts and participants will be taught a total of 10 main topics with 55 sub-topics.

Course Content:

1. Blockchain Introduction
1.1 What is a Blockchain
1.2 Achieving Consensus - Proof Type
1.3 Dissecting a Block
1.4 Types of Ledgers
1.5 Types of Blockchain
1.6 Blockchain Fork/Forking
1.7 Blockchain Benefits
1.8 Blockchain Limitations

2. Use Cases for Blockchain Tech
2.1 Use Case as Currency
2.2 Use Case as Smart Contracts
2.3 Other Use Cases

3. Cryptocurrency Introduction
3.1 What is Cryptocurrency
3.2 Why Cryptocurrency?
3.3 Timeline

4. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals
4.1 Common Use Terms of Cryptocurrency
4.2 Basic Cryptography
4.3 Cryptography of Traditional Systems & Blockchain Systems
4.4 Encryption: Public Key & Private Key
4.5 Types of Wallets
4.6 Wallet Address
4.7 Name Service
4.8 Storage Strategies
4.9 Cryptocurrency Exchange
4.10 Types of Exchanges

5. Valuation of Cryptocurrency
5.1 Why Does Cryptocurrency has Value?
5.2 Overview of Crypto Valuation
5.3 What is a Good Cryptocurrency?
5.4 Cryptocurrency Grading
5.5 Crypto Wealth

6. The Ecosystem & Community
6.1 Ecosystem Overview
6.2 Blockchain Advisory & Developers
6.3 Merchants
6.4 Government, Regulators and Promoters
6.5 Media & Online Forum
6.6 SG Based ICOs & Start-ups
6.7 ICO Advisory & Community Management
6.8 Financial Institutions
6.9 Conferences and Forums
6.10 Participating in the Community

7. Investing, Trading & ICO
7.1 Investing or Trading
7.2 Investment Approach
7.3 Trading Approach
7.4 Risk Diversification
7.5 ICO Checklist
7.6 Deepdive into ICO

8. Mining, Bounties, Airdrops & Faucets
8.1 Mining Introduction
8.2 Mining Advisory
8.3 Mining - Cryptojacking
8.4 Proof of Stake over Proof of Work
8.5 Bounties/Airdrops/Faucets

9. The Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
9.1 Regulation: What is MAS’s Stance on Cryptocurrencies
9.2 Blockchain Becoming Mainstream?
9.3 Getting Your Cryptocurrency

10. Practical (Demo/Hands On)
10.1 Creating of Cryptocurrency Wallet
10.2 Creating of Cryptocurrency Exchange Account
10.3 Cryptocurrency Security
10.4 Cryptocurrency Purchase, Transfer & Trading

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Learn the basics of both Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

  • Understand the underlying risks of Cryptocurrency Investment, ICOs and Mining.

  • Create their own cryptocurrency wallet

  • Create their own exchange account

Course Details

Couse attendance check-in will start at 8.45am.

Course intake: 10 to 50 (min 10 to start the course)

Equipment: For Topic 10 Demo, it is optional for participants to bring laptop, smartphone or tablet. It is a hands-on session.

Event reminder will be emailed to participants 1 week before the event.

F&B: Halal lunch refreshments will be served.

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This course has been approved by SkillsFuture Singapore and participants can use their SFC for the course. No upfront payment is required for SkillsFuture. The course fees are offset in full using the individual’s SFC and there are no other SSG subsidies applicable.

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Course Cancellation/Withdrawal/Transfer Policy

This course is subjected to a minimum number of 10 participants for commencement. If the minimum number is not met, the course will be cancelled. For cancellation, a full refund will be initiated to course participants.

Withdrawal from a course must be made at least 3 working days before the course commencement date. A full refund will be initiated.

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Refund Policy

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No refund will be given for cancellation received less than 7 days prior to the course commencement date and no-show.

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Ongoing Promotion/Partnerships

A - Discounts

Course participants enjoy up to $5 off by redeeming our promo code for purchase of a hardware wallet thru our local partner - hardware wallet retailer.

SkillsFuture users enjoy a special rate of $88 using their credits to offset the course fees. Please refer to the step-by-step PDF on registration and claim process.

Friends of former course participants will receive 25% off the course fees via a promo code given to course participants during the course. Applicable for the next course run only and not applicable to the SkillsFuture rate.

B - Freebies

Course participants will have access to a shared dropbox after the course with $200+ worth of ebooks and useful files related to blockchain & cryptocurrency.

C - Re-sit

If participants are missed the course halfway or need to go off early. They can opt to re-sit the next course as a refresher at no additional charges and subject to availability.

Course Support

For enquiries, please contact us via the following:

- write to admin@ibs.edu.sg;
- drop us a message via WhatsApp or Telegram @ +65 8292 8452 or
- call us @ +65 6717 7722 during office hours (less weekends).

Participants will also enjoy Telegram (https://t.me/instituteofblockchain) support after the course.


The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event or change the date, time and venue or amend the course content or course fees or promotions anytime they deem fit. If there are changes to event details, participants will be notified via email.

Sat Mar 10, 2018
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Singpore University of Social Sciences Blk C Room 4.15
Course Fee SOLD OUT $118.00
Venue Address
463 Clementi Rd, Singapore Singapore
Institute of Blockchain™ (Singapore) 区块链学院 (新加坡)